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Trinity & Friends

Some things in life become a tradition before you've even finished doing them once. This is certainly true of the minifestival Trinity organises every year. You may have noticed that Trinity & Friends 2013 was a great success. Here is a short impression of the 2013 edition.

The second edition of the indoor festival is planned so it coincides with the release of the long expected and festive new album 'MUNDO'. On the 31st of May ‘MUNDO’ will be for sale in a live setting for the first time in the Netherlands. The band will also be bringing the album with them to the concerts in Switzerland, Germany and France in May and June. If you're living in the Netherlands you can pre-order the album already and ensure that you have it before the official release date. If you'd like to pre-order the album please click here. Of course you can always get your copy signed at Trinity & Friends or any other Trinity concert.

Order your Trinity & Friends tickets herehere and allow the band to welcome you in person. Enjoy delicious (exotic) snacks, drinks, fair-trade coffee and much more while you listen to great music from fellow bands. AND: dance your feet off as you listen to the big presentation show by Trinity.

We closed off 2013 with a series of living room concerts during the two rainy days before Christmas. All in all we travelled over 1000km and played from Friesland to the heart of the Alblasserwaard and travelled through Twente and the Veluwe along 16 addresses.

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We’re back home and back in the studio after a great tour in Switzerland. We were amazed at the big number of people coming out to see us, it was great to see so many new faces!

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